Interviewing A Caregiver Checklist

Decide what kind of work that you need done.
(household chores/home care/handyman etc.)

Create a job description that spells out the work you need done, length of job, pay, how soon you need the work done, and your contact information.

Contact the Bluegrass Help At Home Worker Registry for possible candidates.

Develop a few questions to ask interested candidates on the phone to begin weeding out the interviewees.

Be sure to remind interviewees to bring a list of references and their resume to the Interview.

Ask for proof of identity.

The following are some ideas for interview questions:

  • How much experience do they have in their field?  Amount of experience with your type of job?

  • Do they have any special training?

  • Are they willing to perform all of the job duties?

  • Do they have a vehicle, insurance, and/or other transportation to work?

  • Why did they leave their last position?

  • Do they have a criminal record?

  • What are their expectations?

If you are using this information to interview a candidate that has not had a criminal background check done, please make sure that you do a criminal records check yourself.  (Please see Tip Sheet on Criminal History Background Checks and AOC Form RU-004 elsewhere in this section.)

Be sure that you have a written agreement between you and the new employee outlining the job description, hours, pay, and expectations.  Both of you should sign this document.