We hope that you find the Bluegrass Help at Home Website and the Bluegrass Help at Home Registry to be easily accessible and high-quality resources for families, for caregivers, and for individuals wishing to maintain their independence and remain - - insofar as these resources can help - - in the place in which they have chosen to live, for as long as possible.

The goal of the Bluegrass Help at Home Registry is to provide an accurate and up-to-date listing of potential workers, without endorsement or liability, that others can use to help find reliable, capable, caring, and safe in-home assistance for either themselves, or for a loved one. 

Additionally, and in keeping with this goal, the Registry is also intended as a means by which reliable, capable, caring, and well-intended individuals can find gainful employment providing direct-care services to others in their community.  

To both these ends, the Bluegrass Help at Home Website provides information and other resources regarding general topics and considerations for either hiring in-home assistance, or going to work to provide in-home assistance to another. 

The Registry portion of this website provides the user with basic contact information, as well as descriptive multiple-choice categories of location-by-county, service type, availability, educational attainment, and other areas of preference.  Individuals workers who wish to create an account and complete a registration form to be listed on the Registry, can also do so in the Registry section of the website.  (Click here to be taken to the Registry